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One and Only Musical Experience
Realized with 360-Degree LED Vision

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • Zepp group operates ten concert halls in Japan and abroad and opens a new venue in Kabukicho in Shinjuku this April. The hall is located from the basement to the 4th floor of “Tokyu Kabukicho Tower.” The most notable feature is a 360-degree LED vision system which is introduced to a Zepp hall for the first time. You can fully enjoy a realistic sensation that gives you an immersive and a one of a kind experience as you are totally surrounded by music. Besides, the hall lines up various artists from diverse musical genres as if symbolizing the mixed culture of Kabukicho. It is one of the largest venues in Shinjuku area with the capacity of 1,500 people, though the size is relatively compact compared with other existing Zepp halls. Accordingly, since the distance between performers and audience is closer, you can thoroughly enjoy their powerful performances.

Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)