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Experience Projection Mapping Art
Right on Your Table

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • This restaurant brings real and virtual worlds together by utilizing cutting edge technologies such as projection mapping and VR. Vegetables fall from the sky and then appear as ingredients of cooked dishes just in front of you, fish swim on your plates, for instance...in order to avoid spoiling the surprise, we refrain from explaining further. Please do try by yourself!
  • “TREE by NAKED yoyogi park” is an art gastronomy restaurant that enables you to experience meals which are not only delicious but also full of otherworldly surprise as well as uplifting feeling. This restaurant is produced by Naked, which is a creative company headed by Ryotaro Muramatsu. You can enjoy 8-course dinner of fusion cuisine cooked by the chef, Shane Kawamura, in an amazing environment where you feel like being lost in another world as the lighting and atmosphere of the whole room quickly change in harmony with a menu they serve. The course dinner includes “Pairing Drink” that is an alcoholic drink such as red/white wine or champagne, or premium tea, which is served in accordance with dishes. Please take your time to enjoy each dish and appreciate the amazing story played out right on the table following guidance given by a narrator either in Japanese or in English.

TREE by NAKED yoyogi park