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Sparkling Dining Experience at Neo-Yokocho Style Food Hall!

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • In recent years, modern, Neo-Yokocho (side street) style food halls have emerged one after another in Tokyo. Since they have somewhat nostalgic, retrospective atmosphere or line up gastronomy restaurants where many gourmet people frequently go, they are hot topics in town as places full of entertainment.

    For example, “THE RESTAURANT” in Hiroo area houses 17 popular restaurants from both Japan and abroad. Its main feature is that each restaurant takes on a challenge to try a new style of business for them. “Gracia” offers Spanish dishes cooked by a chef who worked at “Restaurant Sant Pau” which earned three Michelin stars along with wines for casual prices. “Ǎn Cóm” serves Vietnamese cuisine combined with “Wa (Japanese)” taste along with sake. “Sushidan” is a new style restaurant created by Hiroyuki Sato, who is a young Sushi chef working for “Hakkoku.” At “Sushidan,” customers can order every kind of Sushi from Ikkan (one piece) unlike most Sushi restaurants where the same kind of Sushi is always served in pairs. All of these restaurants have succeeded in making their well-established and delicious foods more affordable for people.

    You can enjoy the luxury to go from a famous restaurant to another in one night if you visit such places called “Yokocho.”