Our very new and modern hotels open in world famous SHINJUKU

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  • Toru Kawagishi
  • Yoshiaki Tsutsui
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  • Tokyu Kabukicho Tower will open in April 2023. The 48-story tower with 5 underground levels will house entertainment venues such as a movie theater, a theater, and a live music hall, and is already attracting attention as a new landmark in Shinjuku.
  • On May 19, two hotels will open in the tower. The BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel occupies floors 39 to 47 and the HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel occupies floors 18 to 38.
  • Jun Murai, president of Tokyu Hotels, and Katsushi Nishikawa, General Manager of the two hotels, discussed the character and charm of the hotels and their thoughts on the city of Shinjuku.
  • MuraiIt is said that the name Kabukicho came from the idea of building a Kabuki Theater in Shinjuku, which had been burned during the war, to make it a symbol of rebuilding. For the development of the city, entertainment and the traffic of visitors to enjoy it are essential. Culture is nurtured by the coming and going of diverse people. Shinjuku is a city well known overseas and familiar to foreigners. It will be great if the arrival of a new hotel makes the city more diverse than ever and adds to its charm.
  • President & Representative Director, Tokyu Hotels Co.,Ltd.
    Jun Murai
  • NishikawaI feel the same way. One of the two hotels is the BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel. It is a high-grade luxury hotel that offers exquisite relaxation, and we are going to try to show that even a Japanese hotel can provide such a high level of service. The HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel, on the other hand, is positioned as a lifestyle hotel for casual stays. I hope to broaden the customer base and create an intercultural exchange through the coexistence of hotels with different characteriutics.
  • BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel
    General Manager
    Nick K.Nishikawa
  • MuraiWe did not include "Tokyu" in the names of the two hotels. Instead, we used the brand names of two global hotel chains, Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL, as our partners. Today, diversity and the SDGs are becoming more and more important. We aim to be a unique hotel by connecting with a variety of people and businesses, breaking down traditional barriers and frameworks.

Connecting Guests From Around the World With a Wide Variety of Content and Plans

  • NishikawaOne of the symbols of our diversity is the restaurant and bar space on the 17th floor. Themed "a new social space that connects the hotel and the city," the space will feature an open terrace and party room in addition to restaurants and bars. The hotel will also collaborate with the theater, the movie theater, and the live hall that will be located in the tower. We offer a plan where you can enjoy the world view of a play being performed in the theater from the comfort of your hotel room.
  • MuraiYou can spend a whole day at the hotel or use it as a base for your trip. Shinjuku is popular with foreigners, so we need to offer a variety of ways to spend time.
  • NishikawaYou are right. At the moment, we expect 70 to 80% of our guests to be foreigners. We want to offer a range of plans and products to welcome them with lots of surprises that will make them say "Wow!"
  • MuraiThe concept of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower is to "take your love to the limit". It is important to prepare a variety of content for our guests to enjoy, and to explore each of them thoroughly. My hope is that this content will spread beyond the hotel to the entire Tokyo area. For our generation, Shinjuku was the booming center of Tokyo. It was full of movies and music, and I myself spent a lot of time in this city when I was a student. I hope that with the opening of the hotel, the value of Shinjuku will rise again.
  • NishikawaWhen I was young, Shinjuku was my playground as well. I am happy to be involved in the work of a new hotel in a city that I feel so close to. While I appreciate the spirit of challenge, I would also like to appreciate the meticulous service that Tokyu Hotels has cultivated. It is a small attempt, but the hotel always keeps a children's umbrella. Many hotels only have umbrellas for adults. We want to provide services that pay attention to such details.
  • MuraiWith that in mind, I hope that you will develop the hotel into a wonderful world-class hotel. I sincerely look forward to it.