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Matsuri-themed Yokocho in Kabukicho Offering Japanese Soul Foods

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • “Shinjuku Kabuki Hall - Kabuki-Yokocho” is born inside the Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, which proclaims itself as a next-generation entertainment food hall. The operator is Hamakura Produce Inc. that is leading the Yokocho boom in Japan by producing new Yokocho (side street)-style food halls one after the other such as “Ebisu Yokocho” and “Shibuya Yokocho.”

    The facility has an about 1,000 m² floor where ten restaurants stand side by side and creates festive and exciting atmosphere by combining “Matsuri (festival)”- themed foods, music, and images. The meals use carefully selected quality foodstuffs directly sourced from across Japan and Korea. You can enjoy local soul foods like Donburi (rice bowl dish), noodles, Yakitori, and various so-called “B-Kyu (grade) gourmet” dishes while enjoying events on the stage, music played by DJs, and magic shows as well as singing to Karaoke. It opens 24/7 (TBD). In Kabukicho, the city that never sleeps, they are aiming at becoming a new hub for promoting communication among people and introducing local cultures across Japan.

Shinjuku Kabuki Hall - Kabuki Yokocho