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Paint Your Own Art as You Please
While Enjoying Wine

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  • Don’t you feel like doing painting, though you don’t have enough space in your home or don’t know how to do so or how to use painting materials and tools? “Artbar Tokyo” is the highly recommended space for those people. Experienced art instructors such as active painters and art college graduates will help and guide you through the painting process. You may choose either to replicate a masterpiece as an example, like “Sunflflowers” by Van Gogh or “Water-Lilies” by Monet, or to paint your own original art using a familiar motif around you like a sunset view or dried flowers, for instance. The good point is that you can freely participate in the workshop empty-handed since they have necessary materials and goods including aprons for customers. Please try to paint your own masterpiece in a relaxed atmosphere as you enjoy wine or tea.

Artbar Daikanyama