Heart to heart a high quality trip in TOKYO
Hotel concierge: How to spend more quality time in hotels①

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  • Ayako Tajiri,Taiko Imai
  • Mayuko Oshima
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  • The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is a hotel with a mature atmosphere. Originally opened as the Tokyo Hilton in 1963, the property later became the Capitol Tokyu, a hotel beloved by VIPs from inside and outside Japan. In 2010, it was renovated and reopened as The Capital Tokyu. My colleagues and I strive on a daily basis to carry forward that history and legacy in order to continue impressing guests in new ways.

  • The vital role of a concierge is to act as a bridge between guests and people and services. If a guest wants to go somewhere to see the cherry blossoms, the concierge can refer them to a professional driver. If it is a restaurant that the guest is interested in, the concierge can find and recommend a place that fits their mood and expectations. The important skill is to know how to pinpoint a guest’s preferences. Sometimes I think that we are like interviewers trying to draw out each customer’s uniqueness. Small nuances are entirely welcome. The more a guest talks to us, the more precise our services can be, so please feel free to chat with us.


  • Etsuko Higashide
    Executive Concierge

    Executive Concierge at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu. After building up experience as a concierge at a number of hotels, Etsuko moved into her current post in 2015. She is also originating member of the Japan branch of Les Clefs d’Or, a concierge organization with only 28 members in Japan.