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Cherish traditions in the city of new cultures, Shibuya

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  • Ayako Tajiri,Taiko Imai
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  • The round design of the hotel offers 360° views, making the scenery from our top floors one of our most appealing features. Despite being right in the middle of Shibuya, the lack of other tall buildings in the vicinity makes for a liberating sense of expansiveness. The sunset views from Bellovisto, the 40th-floor bar, are quite enchanting.

  • The 3rd-floor fitness room is also not to be missed. The resort feel during the earliest time slot of the morning will leave you relaxed and wondering whether you are really in Shibuya.

  • Shibuya is known for being a mecca for young people, but it has an interesting disparity because it cherishes the old as well as the new. Right now, there is something of a boom in the popularity of coffee shops that do not serve alcohol and there are still many perennial favorites such as Meikyoku Kissa Lion and Chatei Hato.

  • In much the same way, our hotel aims to be a place where the historic and the new exist side by side. Just this year, we are opening Sukiya, a traditional Japanese-style luxury restaurant with a tea room, as well as a restaurant called Japanese Cuisine Sakuragaoka. It is our hope that people from many different age groups will enjoy these touches of traditional beauty.

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