Heart to heart a high quality trip inTOKYO

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  • Ayako Tajiri,Taiko Imai
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  • We want to live comfortably and enjoy the time spent on our own, with our families, and with our loved ones. The prolonged “stay at home” situation has not yet subsided and surely there are many people seeking a high-quality experience that will fill and give them tranquility, not just the enjoyment of extravagance.

  • In 2021, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu received a five-star rating, the highest rating possible, in the Hotel section of the Forbes Travel Guide, which has a world-wide reputation. At the same time, the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, which reached its twentieth anniversary, continues to move into the future without losing any of its appeal.

  • In this installment, we’d like to suggest a “high-quality trip in Tokyo” allowing you to experience the special time of a trip while remaining in the city. The Capitol Hotel Tokyu and Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.

  • If you feel the need to refresh yourself and soften the fatigue of daily life, be sure to visit these hotels and experience their exquisite service. Time spent at a hotel that embodies “a high-quality trip in Tokyo” will surely offer some insights into what comfort and richness mean to you.

  • If you experience a high quality space and ultimate hospitality you are sure to feel the warmth grow in your heart. This will make you want to depart on a heart-to-heart high-quality Tokyo trip.