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Wonderful places glowing quietly in Nagata-cho

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  • Ayako Tajiri,Taiko Imai
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  • To me, the best time at this hotel is the early morning in the lobby. If you walk up past Hie Shrine, the route really impresses you with its trees and greenery. Then, once you step into the lobby, you see To-kyo (structural elements of interlocking wooden brackets) designed by Kengo Kuma and a Sogetsu-style flower arrangement. The light shines in softly and there is the murmur of water in the background. I think the charm of visiting this hotel is being able to be among such tranquility right in the heart of Tokyo.

    Akasaka, close to Nagata-cho actually has a lot to offer if you like strolling. Many would probably be surprised at how much nature there is within walking distance, such as Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace. Hie Shrine, Hikawa Shrine, and other sites are among the many nearby shrines and Buddhist temples famous for their association with the Edo Shogunate. The neighborhood and its historic sites shine without being ostentatious. We also have many famous Japanese and Western confectionery shops that you can stop by if you want a break during your stroll.

    Part of my job is to bring guests in contact with the culture that lives on in Akasaka. Even inside Tokyo, Akasaka’s geisha culture and traditional crafts such as Edo cut glass art are much renowned. It would be wonderful if I can help hand these down to future generations by conveying their appeal to visitors.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

  • Address:2-10-3 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
    Access:Direct access from Exit 6, Tameike Sanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line or Ginza line; or Exit 6, Kokkai-gijidomae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line or Marunouchi line