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Discovering Nostalgic Scenery in Kyoto①Tea fields in Wazuka

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  • Gorgeous tea fields spreading out from the top of a mountain to the entire town of Wazuka as far as the eye can see. This spectacular scenery has even received Japan Heritage designation. The local climate and soil is perfect for growing aromatic green tea, and tea has been planted here since the Kamakura period (1185- 1333). In the Edo period (1603-1868), the land belonged to the Imperial family, and the superb tea grown here was officially supplied to the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Even today, Wazuka grows around 40% of the nation’s prized Uji tea. Visitors to Wazuka can not only drink tea, they can also take part in tea-picking. Additionally, visitors can enjoy trekking, cycling, and other outdoor activities made possible by Wazuka’s pure, clear streams and lush forest.

  • Created to be a place where visiting tourists can relax and enjoy the scenery, this cafe gives customers the opportunity to take a break while drinking in the beauty of Ishitera’s tea fields. The cafe’s scenic outlook space, offering a spectacular view, is maintained in cooperation with area tea farmers. This soothing space exudes the warmth and charm of handcraftsmanship at every turn. Customers can enjoy cafe-style selections such as gelatos made with matcha powdered green tea, hojicha roasted green tea, milk from Uemura Farm in Nara, and seasonal fruit. Reservations are recommended for the “dan dan Gohan” daily lunch special, which is made by hand one plate at a time.

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