Stay as you please for both business and leisure!
Hotel where you can stay just like living there

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  • Located in Kyoto’s Sanjo district, a diverse area where retro buildings dating to the Showa period (1926-1989), long-standing shops operating out of traditional townhouses, and even international apparel brand stores stand side by side, nol kyoto sanjo is a modern and convenient hotel where guests can stay as they are.

  • The hotel’s entrance is a remodeled townhouse which once sold beverages by Kinshi Masamune, a sake brewery founded in Kyoto’s Nakagyo Ward. All the more beautiful for the more than a century which has passed since it was built, it exudes the uniquely refined beauty of a traditional Kyoto townhouse.

  • The “nol” part of the hotel’s name stands for “naturally,” “ordinarily,” and “locally,” and encompasses a desire that guests enjoy the area without pretense and in their own way.

  • As an example of this philosophy, the hotel has no restaurant. The reason is because there is a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel, including a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant and a restaurant serving Kyoto obanzai cuisine where diners can experience the local food culture. The hotel asks guests to take in the real Kyoto by tasting the culinary delights of the city and by coming in contact with restaurant owners and local customers.

  • Guest rooms, located in a separate building, emphasize comfort. The hotel has 48 guest rooms in all, spanning three types which customers can choose between based on their needs and the number of people in their group. Beds made by Kyoto’s IWATA, said to be the most comfortable in the world; art pieces which make use of transoms and other materials from old townhouses; and fixtures reminiscent of shoji paper sliding doors engender a Japanese style of relaxation.

  • Each room is also outfitted with a microwave oven, mini kitchen, and combination washing machine and dryer, enabling long-term stays. Nothing beats getting some obanzai or other tasty cuisine in a local shopping arcade like the famous Nishiki Market before relaxing in your room with a cup of sake in one hand.

  • In addition to specialty coffee, tea and Kinshi Masamune sakes are offered in the hotel’s machiya lounge, and during open hours guests can freely enjoy as much as they like of the beverage of their choice.

  • In this age of remote work, a hotel like this, which can accommodate any situation, is truly welcome. Whether working or travelling, stay as you are! A hotel for the modern age, nol kyoto sanjo makes it possible to do just this.

nol kyoto sanjo

  • Address:700 Osaka Zaimoku-cho, Anekojidori-sagaru, Sakaimachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
    Access:5-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Oike Station