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Reveals the Best Parts of Kyoto

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  • The reason why I decided to move to Kyoto actually wasn’t all that deep. I just liked history and especially ancient history, the same reason why I started visiting famous scenic places in the first place, and I was drawn to its historic structures and the romance of its ancient sites and ruins. And so I thought, if I was going to move, I wanted to move to a place where you could feel the history.

  • The thing that I’ve felt most strongly since moving to Kyoto is that the city itself continues to treasure and protect its ancient traditions and culture. Once January arrives, people go to the Ebisu Festival, then in February people go to the Setsubun Festival, and so on and so forth. Traditions live and breathe as part of people’s lives and as part of their thoughts. To locals, it may only be custom, but for me from the outside looking in, it’s extremely fresh and novel, and, in part because I’m also a history buff, it just makes me want to learn more about the history and background.

  • Both this year and the last, I haven’t really been able to enjoy the cherry blossoms as I’d been looking forward to doing. However, because there aren’t many people around now, I feel the accumulation of history in the city, and the lives of the people living here, much more strongly.

  • Also, there are so many places to see that if you’re just taking a trip to Kyoto, it’s easy to find yourself never even getting out of the city, but another thing I like about living in Kyoto is that there are places rich in nature that can be visited just a little ways away, such as places with plentiful greenery, the ocean, and surprisingly-close Lake Biwa. I still haven’t walked around enough that I feel like I’m someone who can talk about Kyoto’s charms, but I’ve learned that I can still do my job fine even after moving, ha-ha, and I would like to explore Kyoto’s depths even further.

Sagano’s Bamboo Forest

  • Sagano is said to have been a Holiday resort for emperors and courtiers. “If you actually visit, you’ll be surprised that there’s such fantastic place as this in a location with such good access. It’s an area with many famous temples, such as Tenryu-ji, but it’s enjoyable to just stroll along the paths and not visit the temples. I recommend early morning because it is very quiet.” (Shiho)



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