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  • Ayako Tajiri
  • shinsuke Sugino,Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village

  • Hakuba Village in Nagano Prefecture is a place to enjoy premium powder snow, deposited by the region’s many snow clouds formed by Siberian winds striking the Northern Alps. One of Japan’s premier snow resorts, Hakuba has become a favorite destination for skiers and snowboarders from Japan and abroad. There is the wide range of ski resorts, such as Happo-one Snow Resort, which has one of Japan’s most spectacular ski areas and was also a venue for the Nagano Olympics, and Iwatake Snow Field, where one can enjoy leisure activities and a 360° panoramic view of Hakuba Valley. All the pleasures of playing in the snow are here to enjoy.

  • While Hakuba was once known as a mountain resort located far from the metropolitan area, the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line has made it much more accessible. Now, Hakuba is a place even for families and former snow enthusiasts, not just serious skiers and snowboarders, to come and enjoy gorgeous snowy vistas.

  • Opened in 1959, the Hakuba Tokyu Hotel is nestled among the foothills of the Northern Alps. With a majesty marked by a refined interior and European-style exterior designed by Junzo Sakakura, who studied under Le Corbusier, the Hakuba Tokyu Hotel provides a level of luxury that makes it worthy of being called “the Guest House of the Northern Alps.” Loved by many over the years, notably members of the Imperial family and prominent figures from every walk of life, the hotel lets visitors enjoy resort life while enveloped in the grandeur and beauty of nature in the Northern Alps.

  • The beauty of Hakuba in winter is undisputed, but the views of the Northern Alps are no less beautiful in spring, summer, and fall. Springtime is beautiful for the contrast between the cherry blossoms and snow-covered mountain ridges, while summertime visitors will find a delight for the eyes and the soul in the bracing air and vivid greenery. Visit in the fall to gaze upon the “three-tiered autumn leaves” courtesy of the layered snowcapped peaks, autumn leaves, and coniferous trees. From places such as Hakuba Mountain Harbor, a mountain-top terrace providing picturesque panoramic views of the Northern Alps, to Hakuba Mountain Beach, a beach resort-style area developed in Happo-one Usagidaira, Hakuba has produced an unending array of places for young and old alike to enjoy gorgeous views and recreational activities. It is becoming one of Japan’s greatest outdoor vacation spots with year-round appeal. As testament to its fame, Hakuba boasts a number of outdoor gear stores such as The North Face and Snow Peak.

  • Visitors also come to Hakuba to enjoy natural hot-spring facilities that are fed by six head-springs, as well as cuisine graced with vegetables from the nearby mountains and seafood from the Japan Sea. Come to Hakuba and experience a mountain resort with different delights for every season.

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