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  • A mountain range with peaks reaching 3,000 m, the Northern Alps present magnificently picturesque views. The Hakuba Tokyu Hotel, located in Hakuba, Nagano, lets guests spend carefree time among the foothills’ natural surroundings.
  • Hakuba is internationally renowned as a premier skiing destination. Recent years have seen a host of outdoor brands open outlet stores in Hakuba as the area becomes an increasingly popular spot to enjoy not just winter but every season of the year.
  • And on July 16, Hakuba became home to a new kind of experience: TENAR. Built within the hotel’s garden, TENAR is a “refuge among the trees” of the kind that every child dreams about. While harmonizing with the Northern Alps scenery, it is also smartly designed. Step inside the room, and in front of you a triangular window opens onto a vast and verdant forest.
  • That feel of camping is further enhanced by tables, chairs, and other furniture, courtesy of The North Face Gravity Hakuba, arranged on the wood deck adjoining TENAR. Later, enjoy Nagano-exclusive Mars Shinshu Whiskey and s’mores while gazing at a campfire to experience true bliss. The room features an air conditioner, wash stand, and refrigerator, allowing guests to experience the joys of being immersed in nature while having all the comforts of a room inside the hotel.
  • This TENAR environment is also recommended for workations. Workations add a sense of a non-routine vacation to routine work, and creative ideas are more likely to arise during workations where one feels closer to nature. Because new way of life is ushering in more teleworking, we would like to suggest working in a stress-free environment without being bound by time or place. And with the opening of Iwatake Green Park at Hakuba Iwatake, which provides a panoramic view of the Northern Alps, guests can make use of outdoor working spaces at the summit as well as the foothills.
  • Work is important, but so is play. At Hakuba, guests can enjoy more than 20 types of activities, such as going on nature walks to well-known peaks that give views of alpine flora nurtured by mother nature. Enjoy a relaxing stay amid nature’s majesty.




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    4688 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano