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③ The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto

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  • Higashiyama. Located near Yasaka Pagoda, a symbol of Kyoto, it is a place where visitors can experience Kyoto ambience and history. A renowned venue nestled among the autumn leaves, The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto is located in one of Kyoto’s most popular areas, and it is a less-known scenic spot for autumn leaves.

  • In late fall, the garden greets visitors with the vibrant colors of autumn. Passing beyond the cobbled entryway, gazing at the enchanting garden along the way, brings into view a Japanese-style home with a refined atmosphere.

  • This building is a renovation of the residence and studio, called Higashiyama Sodoh, used by Takeuchi Seiho, a master of nihonga, or Japanese style painting, at the beginning of the Showa period (early 20th century). It served as a salon where prominent figures gathered, and played an important role in Kyoto culture.

  • While gazing upon autumn colors in the expansive garden outside the windows, guests will be treated to traditional Italian food that brings a taste of the seasons courtesy of Kyoto-sourced ingredients. Through classic dishes that shine with modern flare, they say it aims to achieve "flavors that will be treasured in any age."

  • Trees in the garden, bathed in sunlight, will enrich the dining experience at lunch, while illumination creates wondrous scenery at night.

The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto



  • 〒600-8519
    Gojo-sagaru, Horikawa-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto