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  • A quiet corner near Horikawa Gojo that provides a vibrant reminder of the old capital. Standing adjacent to Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto Tokyu Hotel is a convenient five-minute drive from Kyoto Station and exudes Kyoto-style refinement inside and out.
  • It represents a modern interpretation of Kyoto elegance and has won both Kyoto City’s Aesthetic and Scenic Beauty Award and the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors’ Building Contractors Society Award, which is given to outstanding examples of modern architecture. Visitors will enjoy a deep restfulness brought by the refined Japanese atmosphere.
  • Head inside for All Day Dining Kazahana, where guests can enjoy views of the courtyard garden which re-creates the clear waters of the ancient Horikawa River, as well as restaurants that serve seasonal Kyoto and Chinese cooking in a chic atmosphere.
  • The hotel also features a rooftop bar, open summer through fall. This hideaway for grown-ups offers champagne and other drinks to sip in a pleasant night breeze, along with Japanese, Western, and Chinese foods and snacks that pair with alcohol.
  • A perfect place to gaze upon views of the old capital and enjoy a glass before a meal or after a stroll through the autumn leaves.

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel