Fresh, newly made, warm, and exciting breakfast buffet

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  • Miharu Kasai
  • Daisuke Yanagi
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  • Shibuya, Tokyo, is filled with diverse people as a center of culture, business, and fashion. Tourists, businessmen, and young people are everywhere all the time in the area around the station, which is now undergoing redevelopment. The Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel, located 2 minutes away on foot from Shibuya Station, reopened on October 13, 2019. Celebrating the 40th anniversary, the hotel has a new guest room concept “SHIBUYA Base”, with the aim to be the base for business and tourism in Shibuya.
  • The concept of the restaurant “Hush Hush” on the 1st floor is “SHIBUYA Living”. The place has been reborn as a calm, relaxing space like a living room. The interior that can be seen from the lobby has a woodgrain interior and can be used for various occasions like breakfast, tea time, lunch, and dinner.

  • Three performance sections are popular for breakfast. The first one is a fresh carrot and pineapple juice corner where a carrot girl serves the drink. The key to the rich and refreshing taste is the pineapple that removes the peculiar taste of carrots and brings out the sweetness. It enriches the mind as well.

  • The second one is the omelet corner, where you can enjoy the round eggs in front of you with the rich aroma of butter and egg melting together.

  • The third one is the mother’s rice ball corner, where there are many repeat customers. The staff in a kappogi will make rice balls with a fluffy and gentle texture made with the rice called “Haenuki” from Yamagata prefecture. For the ingredients, squid tentacles and other tempura are also available.
  • The chef Hiroichi Eda says that the most important things for him when preparing breakfast are “fun of choice”, “freshly-made deliciousness”, and “interactions of people”.
  • Indeed, there are always around 100 kinds of ingredients, with bread, salad, sauce, etc. on the counter and it makes you feel relaxed and luxurious in a busy morning. Also, the casual conversations that take place throughout each performance are relaxing.
  • With the good morning greetings and the breakfast that you can feel the warmth of the chef, satisfy your stomach and heart and fully enjoy the active Tokyo days that start from here.