Start the day in a special way with breakfast steak and wine

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  • Naoya Nakayama
  • Sayaka Masumoto

  • Located at the mouth of the Tama River is Kawasaki King Skyfront, an “international strategic zone” in the Tonomachi district of Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture. Kawasaki King Skyfront Tokyu Rei Hotel opened here in June 2018. With an interior design style reminiscent of NYC’s Brooklyn, coworking spaces and other funky feaures, we’ve given the hotel a slew of trailblazing twists unprecedented among our hotels.
  • Worthy of special mention is the breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant, Captain’s Grill and Bar. Under the concept of the “power breakfast,” we aim to provide a breakfast that will energize our guests for the whole day.
  • The buffet highlight is our minute steak, specially formulated for breakfast. We’ve used lean Australian beef with just the right amount of fat, marinated in shiokoji (salted rice malt) for meltingly tender meat. One chew fills your mouth with rich and succulent meat flavors; a light oroshi sauce is the perfect match. Guests’ eating pleasure will be doubled by the rare indulgence and thrill of steak for breakfast.

  • Another big buffet draw for many repeat customers is our “morning wine” offering. Treat yourself to a range of red or white, sparkling, and enjoy a delicious sense of liberation from the everyday as you drink as many glasses as you like, at your leisure. You’ll find our tables crowded with guests enjoying a tipple with their breakfast, even on weekdays.

  • No hotel breakfast should be without bread, and at the Kawasaki REI we offer eight varieties including muffin, Danish pastries and baguettes. A customer favorite is our croissant, made with a generous amount of EU quality assured AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) butter from France. The rich taste and delicate mouthfeel linger on the palate, and you will soon find yourself reaching for a second...
  • When you’ve had your fill of breakfast, we recommend going to the terrace to admire the view. Guests can enjoy sweeping views of Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Sky Tree as well as the domestic and international terminals of Haneda Airport on the opposite bank across the Tama River. Bring this part of the morning to a blissfully relaxing close with a coffee in one hand.
  • You may have finished breakfast, but a special day has only just begun. Where to go now, that is the question....