Closest authentic resort from Tokyo

  • Takao Ohta
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  • “Glamping” is a hot topic recently. A portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping,” this word refers to a type of outdoor camping that offers high quality and comfort. At Shimoda Tokyu Hotel, guests can enjoy glamping at a site overlooking the dazzling ocean.
  • The hotel is on high ground (56 meters above sea level) in Shimoda, Izu, with sweeping views of calm, clear Oura Bay right before your eyes. Guests are always astounded to discover such a beautiful ocean near Tokyo (in fact, Shimoda is the closest authentic resort from Tokyo).
  • The hotel has a palm tree garden on the ocean side. The tent on the well-maintained lawn is your base for kicking back and enjoying the outdoors. Savor barbecue (such as lobster, abalone, and Wagyu beef) followed by soaking in a hot spring and sleeping in one of the hotel’s guest rooms. This glamping experience was launched last October and is only available to one couple per day. It’s perfect for guests who want to barbecue outdoors and also relax in a hotel room.
  • Of course, the biggest draw of this plan is the picturesque scenery. After checking in, you can play games, strum the guitar, or read books in the tent. Unwind in the garden and savor the ocean views, including the dramatic way the sky changes color as the sun sinks, reviving body and mind. Once the sun has fully set, myriad stars come out to sparkle together with the moon, a captivating sight you definitely cannot see in Tokyo.
  • Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and have a truly unique, special experience in this tent on the high ground of Shimoda, where you can fully enjoy elegant camping at a resort. On your next vacation, why not bring your partner to try out elegant glamping while relishing the sounds of the waves and fragrance of the surf?