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② Shimoda

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  • Memi Matsubara
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  • Located in the southern part of Izu peninsula, Shimoda is a port town that long ago served as a marine transport hub, and is home to shorelines that carry an air of history. Those in search of beaches and a place from which to visit historic sites that impart an ambience of the Edo period’s final years will find what they seek in the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel. Enjoy warm weather with fragrant sea breezes, Oura Bay’s crystal-clear cerulean waters, and lush greenery. Escape from the bustle of a busy life at a height of 56 meters above sea level.

  • The open-air baths put the sea and starry sky up close, and you can enjoy the richness of nature without leaving the hotel. Our restaurant, with chefs well-versed in French and Japanese cuisine making the most of specially-selected local ingredients, brings East and West together and gives a sense of the history of Shimoda, which played a role in the reopening of Japan. At the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel, spend some quality time in a resort steeped in both history and nature.