The Ultimate Drive Through the Soothing Natural Beauty of Izu②

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  • Ayako Tajiri
  • Shinsuke Sugino
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  • After an enjoyable meal, we made my way to Southern Izu while taking in the seaside scenery. Southern Izu boasts supremely clear ocean waters, and even from a distance, one can clearly discern its vibrant beauty. A gorgeous blue sea; Ryugu Sea Cave, carved by waves out of the weak parts of rock thrust up from below by a submarine volcano; the sweeping view of a beautiful coastal vista from the top of Mt. Nesugata; the white sands and endless blue ocean of Yumigahama Beach making you forget about the time...

  • The natural beauty of Izu, formed by its terrain and history, soothes the soul. If you’d like to bathe yourself in greenery, try driving into the interior of the peninsula. At the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, seven famous waterfalls formed from lava rock, you can surround yourself in majestic art produced by the nature of the Izu Peninsula.

  • Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

  • For accommodations, what made us decide to stay at the Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel were its Hawaiian resort-style atmosphere, and the fact that we can immerse ourselves in a quiet environment in which the only audible thing was the sound of the sea. In a room with an ocean view that makes us feel like we have the sea all to ourselves, we are able to experience peerless relaxation, and sleep enwrapped in a star-filled sky and the sound of the waves. Waking up bright and early basking in the spectacular brilliance of Eastern Izu’s morning sun was the perfect way to start the day.

  • In Eastern Izu, you’ll encounter the majestic figure of Mt. Fuji everywhere on clear days, including its snowcapped peak and ridgeline. Looking at its gently sloping form, you can feel a sense of serenity. While occasionally stopping at scenic viewpoints, we drove along the coast, eventually reaching picturesque Cape Ose, from which one can see Mt. Fuji and a Natural Monument-designated juniper forest. Keep going down toward Numazu and you can also visit charming art destinations and historic structures.

  • Bernard Buffet Museum

  • Numazu Imrerial Villa Memorial Park

  • Later, as my breath was being taken away by the sunset of Western Izu dyeing the sea, sky, and everything else crimson, we realized that both my body and soul had been soothed and refreshed by the numerous beautiful landscapes of the Izu Peninsula.

  • Go on a drive around the Izu Peninsula, where you can relax without worrying about how close you are to other people. As soon as it’s over, you’ll be wanting to head back out to experience the comfortable climate and spectacular, nature-wrought scenery again.

  • Dogashima