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Sumibi-yakitori Coquelet

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  • Mikako Naka
  • Natsumi Kinugasa
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A new kind of poultry with exciting presentations

  • Following the old-fashioned red paper lanterns and ducking under the entranceway curtain, you find yourself in a stylish restaurant decorated in unadorned concrete.

  • Sumibi-yakitori Coquelet is a poultry restaurant started by two chefs coming from different worlds: Western cuisine and Japanese yakitori charcoal-grilled chicken skewers.
  • They use only the freshest chicken, from birds slaughtered that day. The result is a tender meat with no gamey aftertaste, with each cut cooked according to its characteristics. There are fifteen items on the menu, including thighs, breasts, and wings, with novel seasonings such as anchovy powder and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to bring a Western flair to this Japanese classic. Here you will also meet exciting new forms of poultry like quail eggs pickled in soy sauce, which arrive in a wooden box still enveloped in the smoke used to cure them.
  • The restaurant also features a full bar to complement your meal. They focus on organic wines, with some twenty labels available from 500 yen per glass or 4,000 yen per bottle. All their saké brands are undiuted and unpasteurized.
  • Counter seats are available, allowing you to drop in solo for a chicken dinner with a well-paired glass of wine. Of course, the restaurant is also the perfect place for discovering new poultry dishes while enjoying an evening of conversation with your friends.

Sumibi-yakitori Coquelet

  • Address: 3-11-13 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi
    Access:Two-minutes walk from JR Shinfukushima station