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A top golfer Miyuu Yamashita

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  • Last year, Miyuu Yamashita became the youngest professional golfer ever to be crowned “queen” of the Japan LPGA Tour, and she continues to achieve success this season. She took time between tournaments to visit Tokyu Hotels & Resorts, one of her sponsors since March of this year. During her visit, she held a lively conversation about golf with company president Jun Murai. As a player who participate in frequent tournaments throughout the year, she stated that her hotel stays greatly affect her golf game.

  • Left:Miyuu Yamashita/Golfer
    Right:Jun Murai/President & Representative Director Tokyu Hotels & Resorts Co.,Ltd.

  • YamashitaI like rooms that are large and have an open feel. During tournaments, I spend a lot of time at the hotel, and I refresh myself by watching TV or just relaxing on the bed. At the same time, I also stretch and train in the room, so from that standpoint, I need a large room. Sometimes, I am away from home for as long as 2 or 3 weeks, and I feel that how I spend my time at the hotel is important for relaxing and focusing on golf.

Invigorating Japan on par with Miyuu Yamashita’s achievements

  • MuraiYou are the first professional athlete with whom we have concluded a sponsor agreement. Today, there are many people around the world who have been invigorated by your achievements. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support you at a time when our hotels are also becoming more active as the number of guests increases post-COVID. Knowing that they are supporting your efforts to remain in top form will certainly be great encouragement for the members of the hotel staff. At our hotels, we will work to achieve the same success you have achieved.
  • YamashitaThank you.

  • MuraiYou probably do not have the chance to stay at resort hotels during the season, but we have resort hotels with excellent atmosphere throughout Japan, including locations by the sea in Miyakojima and Izu and locations in the mountains in Hakuba and Tateshina. Please feel free to stay at any of them during the off-season to refresh yourself. The Tokyu Group operates golf courses, so many of our hotels, including the one in Mishima , are located close to golf courses. In recent years, interest in golf has boomed particularly among the younger generations. I hope your success will lead a wide range of young people to feel more comfortable using hotels and golf courses.
  • YamashitaPersonally, I often travel with my family, and I really enjoy hot springs. I rarely stay at resorts during my private travels, so I would really like to enjoy a relaxing stay there sometime.

Become a stronger player and further energize the world of golf

  • MuraiYou are famous for your meticulous hospitality, including your response to fans and the media. I understand this is something your parents taught you.
  • YamashitaMy parents were very strict in regards to etiquette and manners. They said it was more important than even golf technique. Personally, on the course, I want fans to see me play well. Therefore, I want to value my fans and continue to further energize the world of golf. Through our current sponsorship, I intend to become a stronger player and work to achieve further success.
  • MuraiI can feel your aspiration that simply becoming a better golfer will not make you a stronger person. I look forward to watching you achieve further success in the future.