Tokyu Hotels ’ brand lineup has been expanded .

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  • Toru Kawagishi
  • Takao Ohta
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  • With the diversification of lifestyles in recent years, guests are seeking an increasingly different range of services from hotels. As well as holiday stays and business trips, more and more guests are wishing to spend their free time inside the hotel or staying for workcation purposes. This, coupled with the return of foreign tourists post-pandemic, means that hotels are required to be even more attentive in their guest service.

    In response to such changing times, in April this year we adopted the new name Tokyu Hotels & Resorts, and newly relaunched our business with an expanded lineup of brands.
  • Jun Murai President & Representative Director Tokyu Hotels & Resorts Co.,Ltd.

a new brand category rich in character.

  • The biggest change is the establishment of the new branded hotel category DISTINCTIVE SELECTION. This category includes the new BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel and HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel that opened on May 19 inside the Tokyu Kabukicho Tower in Shinjuku; STREAM HOTEL, a brand that includes a rebranded hotel in Shibuya and a new hotel opening in Sapporo; and the condominium-style hotel brand STORYLINE.

  • Hotels in the DISTINCTIVE SELECTION category exude unprecedented personality and character, both in terms of the design of the buildings and guest rooms, and the nature of the guests’ stay inside the hotel and in the neighborhood. For example, we are opening two hotels in Shinjuku, a city that functions both as a business district and entertainment hub where a diverse range of people of all age groups come and go, including students, families, affluent middle-aged and elderly people, and foreigners. In order to accommodate the range of clientele in this diverse city, we are opening two different types of hotels – luxury and lifestyle – at once. We are also planning to host entertaining events in collaboration with the cinema, theater, and live venue located in the same building.

    Since the DISTINCTIVE SELECTION hotels are so unique, we have made the decision to omit the word ‘Tokyu’ from their names. Guests often tell us that the Tokyu brand gives them a sense of reassurance, but by omitting the name, we believe we can challenge ourselves to think even more flexibly. Big changes require courage and effort. But by challenging ourselves to express our individuality, we can heighten our diversity in the process.

Become a hotel loved by even more guests.

  • Meanwhile, hotels bearing the Tokyu name, including The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, Tokyu Hotel, Excel Hotel Tokyu and Tokyu REI Hotel, are now grouped under the Tokyu Brand Hotel category. The history of Tokyu Hotels began in 1960 with the opening of Ginza Tokyu Hotel. Thankfully, many guests feel attached to the Tokyu brand name. In order to maintain the trust of these guests, we will retain the positive aspects of the past while incorporating new elements so that we can create a network that will be supported by even more guests.

    Our goal is to be the best hotel operator in Japan. What supports us in this major endeavor is our human resources. By developing the skills and abilities of each employee, we hope to improve the quality of our guest service and the feeling of excitement we create for them. We want guests to choose Tokyu Hotels not for the price of our accommodation, but for the value we provide. With this vision in mind, we will devote ourselves to realizing our purpose of “Creating moments with people and the community, fulfilling hearts and minds.”



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