Feel the vitality of Higashiyama, Kyoto from the courtyard.

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  • Momoko Yasui, Shinobu Nakai
  • Katsuro Takashima
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  • There are many ways to enjoy the four seasons in Kyoto, and the early morning hours during the early summer and summer months are perfect for taking a stroll. It’s less crowded, and many say that the season full of new green leaves is the most comfortable time of the year. If you’re planning to walk around the Higashiyama area, it’s best to choose a time of day when it’s not too hot. You could stroll along Lake Biwa Canal and enjoy the cool breeze, or visit a landmark while it’s still quiet. Experienced travelers who have been to Kyoto many times say they specifically choose this time of year to visit the city.

    It’s also a great season to have lunch under the trees in Okazaki Park. THE HOTEL HIGASHIYAMA’s takeout menu is perfect for such an occasion. It’s a convenient way to enjoy the refined flavors of hotel cuisine. “We incorporate shio koji marinade, black shichimi spice blend, sansho pepper, and other ingredients and seasonings typically used in Kyoto cuisine to create refined and memorable flavors,” says chef Naoki Kadofusa of the restaurant Nananoichi.

    The open space of the hotel’s courtyard is also freely accessible, so you could lay out your meal under one of the garden parasols. Enjoy hamburgers and sandwiches infused with a touch of local flavors as you gaze at the verdant trees and soak in Kyoto’s beautiful atmosphere. It’s sure to give you a taste of Kyoto’s vitality that’s a little different from the traditional experience of Japanese cuisine.