A new base for experiencing all kinds of entertainment

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  • Momoko Yasui
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  • Tokyu Kabukicho Tower was built on the site of the former Shinjuku Tokyu Milano, and its concept is “enjoying what you like best to the full”. Embodying this concept, the iconic tower comprises a collection of entertainment facilities, including a hall for live music, a theater, and a cinema. Now there is also a hotel so you can maintain your sense of excitement and exhilaration after you have enjoyed all the entertainment – HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel, a lifestyle hotel. As you step into your guest room, still buzzing from your entertainment event, you will find yourself surrounded by a mid-century design, reminiscent of the era when Shinjuku Tokyu Milano opened in 1956. Its atmosphere will make you want to stay up late talking with friends or family.Shinjuku is a downtown area that has generated and nurtured numerous artworks. In keeping with this, the hotel has artthemed rooms collectively called GROOVE ROOM where guests can enter the world of three artists: Tomoyuki Washio, Takuro Tamayama, and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu. Each artist has created three special guest rooms that provide an immersive experience in their art. Staying in one of these rooms is sure to spark your creativity.

A new gathering place to connect the hotel with Shinjuku

  • On the 17th floor of the tower, where the hotel’s dining room and bar JAM17 DINING & BAR is located, you will be intrigued by the collection of LP records specially selected by bar owners who have operated in Shinjuku over the years as well as by celebrities with a particular connection to Shinjuku.
  • In the center of the restaurant’s vibrant open kitchen stands a stone kiln in which vegetables and Japanese beef directly sourced from local farms are grilled at high temperature to retain their flavors. There are a variety of seating options, including some facing the open kitchen. Selecting a favorite spot is an intrinsic part of the dining experience at this restaurant.Another breathtaking aspect of the floor is a three-dimensional artwork titled Shinjuku by contemporary artist Tatsu Nishino, that is displayed in the atrium of the bar. Among other items, the artwork includes a series of streetlamps and furniture, and evokes the history of Shinjuku. The bar is overseen by The SG Club, a bar operated by Shingo Gokan, the world-renowned award-winning Japanese bartender, and offers a variety of signature Shinjuku-inspired cocktails, allowing you to immerse yourself even more deeply in the city.
  • The hotel serves as a brand-new locus for entertainment and enjoyment in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, a downtown area characterized by its diverse mix of worldviews.