New luxury hotel high on the Tokyo skyline

A new brand called “DISTINCTIVE SELECTION” makes an appearance due to the brand restructuring of TOKYU HOTELS. It consists of unique hotels such as “BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel” “HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel”, which opened in Shinjuku this May, “THE HOTEL HIGASHIYAMA by Kyoto Tokyu Hotel”, which will welcome the first Anniversary of the opening in July, and “Stream Hotel”, which will expand the business with several hotels.
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  • Momoko Yasui
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  • Providing a one-of-a-kind experience is the hallmark of the brand hotels in our new DISTINCTIVE SELECTION category. A prime example is the luxury hotel BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel situated on floors 39 to 47 of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower that just opened its doors this year. From the large 7-meter-wide framed windows of its guest rooms stretches an out-of-this-world panorama of Tokyo and the sky beyond.

    Particularly sensational are Restaurant Bellustar, the main dining room, and Bar Bellustar, the main bar, both located on the 45th floor with a three-story atrium and approximately 13-meter-high ceilings, that both offer a stunning view of the city. Restaurant Bellustar seats a maximum of 36 guests. The view is not the only awe-inspiring element. The restaurant’s head chef is Munehiro Takesue from the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. Set your expectations high for his modern French cuisine based on exceptional quality ingredients from around Japan, so authentic that diners can taste the local culture they originated from.

    Another highlight of the restaurant is its furnishings. “Karimoku case study” presents a furniture collection designed for this space. Norman Foster, a great master of modern architecture, is welcomed as the new designer for this project. Please experience a special view of the world with his products and meal.

Choice of skyline restaurants for savoring local Japanese delicacies

  • The 45th floor offers other spectacular options in addition to the main dining room and bar. Teppanyaki restaurant Tenyu provides a stunning view from its 10 exclusive counter seats. The chef visits livestock farmers in person to select the finest meats, including Japanese Black beef, while the vegetables, most of which are organic, are harvested on the day and brought in from around the country.

  • Through the restaurant’s west-facing windows, Mt. Fuji can be seen on a clear day. Another option on the same floor is Sushi JIN-È, which, with only nine counter seats, has an atmosphere of exclusivity. The chef creates delicious fresh sushi and suggests the best sake to pair with each sushi piece. Savor the ultimate sake and fish from around the country while you enjoy conversation with the chef.

  • On your return to your guest room, replete from your dining experience, you will find yourself welcomed into a sophisticated indigo-tinged gray space. Each room features calligraphic artwork by calligrapher and artist Sumiko Sawamura, sofas made of kimono fabric, and indigo-dyed sliding doors. The decor differs among guest rooms, but the atmosphere always reflects traditional Japanese culture. In the Deluxe Suite, guests find decorated Banko-yaki tea utensils from Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture that have their roots back in the Edo period. The hotel staff visited the pottery, Nankei Pottery, to hand-pick each exquisite piece to enhance the spirit of Japanese culture that is felt throughout the suite.

  • BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel is a place where you will encounter many aspects of Japanese cultures during your stay. Revel in the extraordinary feeling that comes from experiencing the essence of Japan here in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

BELLUSTAR TOKYO, A Pan Pacific Hotel