“It will be a symbol of Kabukicho, like the fountain that was once there.” ②

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  • Yukiko Ushimaru
  • Yoshihisa Marutani
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A symbol for people gathering and power rising up from the city

  • The first thing I do when I embark on a new project is to question preconceived ideas. Why is it so, and could it be changed in some way? For example, if it were a shop, I would consider the fundamental question of whether it’s actually a place meant for selling things. By asking a series of such questions and doubting the obvious, new ideas are born.
  • I often travel overseas for work. While there, I obviously like to look at the local architecture to further my knowledge, but what I love to do even more is to observe people’s daily activities and everyday scenes. When I went to Lisbon, Portugal last year, I stayed in a private residence. Every time I stepped out of the house, I would find myself on a regular street corner, and I’d see people with their chairs out in a small alleyway, having a meal. Seeing daily scenes like this in the city, and observing how people spend their time, gives me ideas that I can draw on for work.
  • The tower is like a city. While designing it, I imagined all the ways people would spend their time there, and what sort of events would occur. It was an honor to be a part of such an interesting project.
  • When I first began thinking about the tower, I was presented with the keyword “grand hotel.” A grand hotel is not only an accommodation, but a place you and others go to celebrate, such as for parties or dinners on special occasions. I loved the fact that this tower has two different hotels as well as a theater, cinema, and live venue, making it a place of gathering not just for an exclusive group, but for men and women of all ages and nationalities. The surrounding neighborhood is also full of vitality, so hopefully the tower and the city can work together to send out a powerful message to society.
  • A place of gathering, where people make encounters that lead to various movements. I hope Tokyu Kabukicho Tower becomes a symbol of such rising power.