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Meet Wonderful Entertainment at I’M A SHOW in Yurakucho!/Experience the Worlds of Popular Manga, Anime, and Game Titles

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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Meet Wonderful Entertainment at I’M A SHOW in Yurakucho!

  • Yurakucho has been known from long ago as an entertainment center in Japan where many theaters and movie theaters are located. “I’M A SHOW (sounds like “Let’s meet” in Japanese, which refers to the title of a famous old hit song in Japan) TOKYO, YURAKUCHO” was born here in December last year. This theater presents a wide variety of live entertainment from music performances to theatrical productions and is crowded with many people every day.

    Michihiko Yanai, Creative Director of the theater, came up with the name of the theater using a witty pun. He is famous for producing notable advertising campaigns including one for Tower Record. In addition, Kaoru Kasai, who is known for his work of art direction for many famous clients such as Toraya, designed the logo mark of the theater, while Yasumichi Morita, an interior designer who developed the commercial environmental design for “Tokyu Plaza Shibuya,” for example, was in charge of the interior design. This creative team composed of excellent creators of the time produced a relaxing and comfortable space together. After watching a live performance in the glamorous atmosphere of the theater, we recommend you to head down to Ginza and enjoy dinner at a nice, adult-oriented restaurant.



Experience the Worlds of Popular Manga, Anime, and Game Titles

  • This spring, you can realistically experience and fully enjoy popular Manga, Anime, and game titles in the forms of a stage production, Kabuki, and musical.

    “Hagane no Renkinjutsushi/Fullmetal Alchemist” that has been expressed in various media such as TV Anime, game, and live-action movie is finally adapted into a new stage production. Watch the new chapter of this dark fantasy which is affffectionately called “Hagaren” by fans! On the other hand, an ultra-popular Manga comic “SPY×FAMILY” is adapted into a new musical for the fifirst time. A main character Anya Forger that has many fans is to be played by four child actors. Thus, it could be fun for you to watch several performances of this show to compare these actors and find your favorite Anya. In addition, The evergreen classic game “Final Fantasy X” is transformed into a new, innovative Kabuki show produced and directed by a famous Kabuki actor, Kikunosuke Onoe. It is staged at a unique theater with 360-degrees rotating audience seats surrounded by movable gigantic screens and stages. The show tells the epic tale by taking audience members to the journey of the characters and letting them relive the process from the beginning to the end.

    Never miss a chance to watch the most advanced forms of these entertainment titles that Japan boasts to the world.

Fullmetal Alchemist the Stage