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Ryuichi Sakamoto Supervises the Ultimate Realistic Sound Movie Theater

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • In Tokyo, new forms of entertainment and related facilities are born almost every day. Especially, Shinjuku has been one of the cultural centers in Tokyo for long periods of time with numerous culture spots including theaters, movie theaters, and live music clubs and still continues evolving. “Tokyu Kabukicho Tower” looks like a symbol of the evolution of Shinjuku, which opens in Kabukicho on April 14. The building houses many entertainment facilities such as a theater, live venue, and entertainment restaurants and will disseminate various forms of entertainment as a cultural hub. “109 CINEMAS PREMIUM SHINJUKU” is one of these facilities with a most realistic sound system “SAION SR EDITION” realized under the direction of Ryuichi Sakamoto, a world-famous musician. Accordingly, it has been a hot topic here. Mr. Sakamoto actually has a rather strong relationship with Shinjuku. He went to a high school in Shinjuku during the late ’60s. Since his first days at the school, he began visiting every spot in Shinjuku driven by great curiosity.

  • He said, “I think what I learned in Shinjuku at that time fundamentally changed me. The late ’60s was the time where all things including music, drama, movie, literature, and learning dramatically changed and Shinjuku was the center of such movements.”

    Tokyo is full of various kinds of entertainment not only in Shinjuku but also in every place, which stimulates people’s imagination and also provides learnings to us day by day. All the more because of this, we recommend adult people to enjoy the city of Tokyo itself as well as the entertainment it offers.