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Look around Galleries in the Two Major Complexes in Art Town Roppongi

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  • Hiroya Ishikawa
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  • Roppongi is one of the leading art towns in Tokyo and is a home of many famous art museums including The National Art Center, Tokyo, Mori Art Museum, and Suntory Museum of Art. It also hosts a town-wide art event called “Roppongi Art Night”. Since the town has many art galleries, too, you can easily enjoy art by looking around them for free. Especially, two complexes named PIRAMIDE and complex665 respectively house many distinctive art galleries where you can expect serendipity to find your favorite artworks because you can see many paintings by a wide variety of artists from all ages and countries spanning from great masters to emerging young ones.

    Difffferent from art museums, you can buy art pieces at galleries. Thus, it is also interesting to look at art from the viewpoint of a shopper. If you can get your favorite art, you can display it in your living room or bed room. If you can live a daily life with such favorite art at home, you may be able to understand it much deeper.


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Taka Ishii Gallery

Tomio Koyama Gallery