Higashiyama Tsukasa

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  • Shinobu Nakai
  • Makoto Ito

  • Since opening in November 2021, Higashiyama Tsukasa is currently one of the hottest washoku restaurants in Kyoto. During the six months that it has been open, the restaurant has earned many fans with its new washoku style and casual hospitality, and there is never a lack of customers.
  • The owner Tsukasa Miyashita is a highly skilled chef who trained for 6 years at Gion Maruyama and 10 years at Gion Sasaki. After long wanting to open a restaurant in the quiet, cultured Okazaki district, he personally searched the area to find the current location when finally striking out on his own.
  • Talking about his original dishes filled with countless new discoveries, Miyashita says, “Basically it is washoku, but I am not bound by particular forms or ingredients. I enjoy surprising my guests with new arrangements of ordinary foods.”
  • For example, freshwater ayu is typically served in this season as a salt-grilled dish, but Miyashita serves it in raw spring rolls. The young ayu is fried as tempura and then wrapped in rice paper together with perilla leaves and onion-koji sauce, encapsulating both the fragrance and bitterness of the ayu. In the future, he plans to incorporate lamb dishes into the full-course meal. It is often difficult to make a reservation, but if you follow the restaurant on Instagram, you will receive information on cancellations and other specials.

Higashiyama Tsukasa