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  • Shinobu Nakai
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  • Located on the north side of Nishihonganji Temple, the Kyoto Toyku Hotel will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.
  • As a hotel with deep roots in Kyoto, it continues to pursue convenience and a sense of beauty befitting Kyoto. The hotel architecture presents a modern vision of the elegant beauty of traditional Kyoto, and it has received numerous awards including Kyoto City’s Aesthetic and Scenic Beauty Award. The hotel is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent hospitality.
  • During the summer season, it is recommended to use the “Noryo” plan and spend the relaxing time by the cool riverside areas of Kibune and Takao. In Kibune, you can enjoy “Kawadoko” cuisine such as ayu fish dishes in a traditional ryokan Hiroya, which was founded in 1932. In Takao, you can also try Kaiseki cuisine that is made from seasonal summer ingredients in Kinsuitei. You will feel calm and at ease hearing the relaxing sounds of the stream and the songs from wild birds, and you will forget the humid summer heat.
  • Also, during the hot months from early summer to early fall, all guests can dine at the rooftop bar located above the banquet hall. In addition to barbeque and courses designed for groups of women that include cheese fondue, there are also single-portion hot pots available, making it possible to enjoy the hotel cuisine in a wide range of settings.

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel



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