Kyoto, cherry blossoms, and a cat

  • 福森クニヒロ
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  • Kunihiro Fukumori, a photographer who resides in Kyoto, said, “I was walking along this road one day when a cat appeared in front of me. It was strolling along, not in a hurry at all, like it was enjoying a lovely walk under the cherry trees. I found myself pressing the shutter button without thinking.” He has shot many cherry trees over the years, but he said this is a particularly great contrast between the cherry trees and traditional houses along the stone-paved road.
  • This photo was taken on Minami-Shirakawa Road, home to some of the most beautiful scenery even in picturesque Gion. In this famous spot, weeping cherry trees bloom along the Shira River to one side. Fukumori advised, “The weeping cherry trees in full bloom form a kind of tunnel, and walking through it inspires heartfelt emotion. This is also a good spot for taking three-dimensional cherry blossom photos.”
  • Kyoto offers refined scenery in all four seasons, but it is exceptionally delightful during the cherry blossom season, when the city is colored in shades of elegant pink. Many people find themselves wanting to rush there to celebrate the charming scenery.
  • If you walk along the Shira River, you will pass by well-known spots like Chion-in temple and arrive at Okazaki. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy different varieties of cherry trees from early spring to the start of May, including early-blooming Higan, Shidare, Somei-yoshino, and Yae. As you walk aimlessly and forget the passage of time, perhaps you may even encounter a cat who loves cherry blossoms.



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