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  • Imaihama is one of the most beautiful beach resorts on the Izu Peninsula. The white sand beach just outside the Izu Imaihama Tokyu Hotel’s garden is almost like a private beach.

  • Stay in an ocean-view guest room that, on a clear day, provides a view of the Izu Islands, and enjoy the very height of relaxation as you gaze at the sea, sunshine glinting off the surface.

  • Maybe such a comfortable space could be good for teleworking, too. Those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary place to enjoy the sea can work at their own pace while on the clock. The super view outside the window will reinvigorate a mind exhausted from work. If it’s mental input that’s needed, head to the book cafe within the hotel. Flipping through the pages of a photo or art book is sure to inspire you. Along with comfortable sofas and table seating with electrical outlets, there’s a children’s area at the back of the cafe where you can safely let the children play.

  • For dinner, enjoy seasonal ingredients as only Izu can provide, while gazing out on a sea bathed in moonlight. Our premium dishes will delight the tongue and enrich the soul.
  • At Bar El-Roca, tip a glass and luxuriate in a relaxed atmosphere, then soak in the open-air bath while contemplating the starry night sky. The sound of the waves and soothing sea breeze will bring a pleasant and comforting closure to the day.

  • The Kawazu region surrounding Imaihama has also been the setting for many well-known literary works, such as The Dancing Girl of Izu, by Yasunari Kawabata. In addition to being a beach resort, Kawazu is the perfect place for experiencing the worldview of literary works, being home to numerous scenic spots such as the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls, historical architecture that includes the Old Amagi Tunnel, and fascinating attractions such as Kawazu Bagatelle Park and its lovely rose garden. Enjoying the history of the area is a delightful way to spend time.

  • But don’t forget to indulge in some leisure time inside the hotel, too. After gazing out at the sea from the Seaside Terrace, heal body and mind with some aroma therapy.

  • Whether here for work or pleasure, guests will enjoy tranquility and relaxation graced with the pleasing sound of the surf. Welcome to the Izu Imaihama Tokyu Hotel.

Izu Imaihama Tokyu Hotel