Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

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  • Motoyuki Yagi
  • Takao Ohta
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  • The setting sun sinks below the horizon, turning everything orange. The breathtaking beauty leaves us speechless.
  • Miyakojima Island, about 300 kilometers from the main island Okinawa, is a paradise where the sky, sea, and sun are united, and to the southwest of this emerald coral island is the Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts.
  • Celebrating the 35th anniversary last year, this hotel, which has a long-established style, stands on Yonaha Maehama Beach. It is said that the white sand beach and transparent sea that stretches about 7 kilometers is the most beautiful in the East. What’s more remarkable is the sunset. The sunset seen from here is special.
  • If you can take a break of three days next time, you would love to visit here. You leave home in the morning and arrive at Miyakojima Island in the afternoon. You drive a rental car to the hotel. When you park your car at the entrance and unload your luggage, you will see a beautiful ocean of the blue gradation called Miyako Blue.As you feel the sea breeze blowing through you, you will remember that you have left your busy life and come to an extraordinary world. From here, you can walk around the site until sunset. The building is full of openness like a resort of a southern country, and sea breeze blows through. And at eventide, it comes to the climax of a day. You can enjoy it from the balcony of the room or the beach in front of the hotel. You can also drink alcohol on the open terrace of the lounge. As you watch the sun setting below the horizon slowly, you will surely be delighted and say, “I’m glad I came here”.
  • On the second day, you may want to be active. After enjoying a shot over the sea at “Emerald Coast Golf Links” which is 5 minutes by car from the hotel, you can enjoy marine activities at the beach in the afternoon.
  • On the third day, you should take a tour of the spiritual places. Miyakojima, which is said to be an island created by the gods, is dotted with power spots. There are also the sacred places known to those in the know, such as the village of Shimajiri and Nudokubiabu.
  • The extraordinary experience may be over the moment you leave Miyakojima by plane, but both your mind and body will be healed and you will find yourself filled with energy.