Miyakojima: gorgeous scenery and outdoor activities surrounded by nature on all sides

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  • Ayako Tajiri
  • Wataru Oshiro
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  • If you have fully canvased Okinawa’s main island, expand your range a little and voyage to Miyakojima. The trip is a little less than a one-hour flight from Naha Airport. When you arrive, the sea and sky will fill your entire field of view.

  • The color of the ocean-called Miyako blue-is the most impressive color you will see on Miyakojima. It is a sparkling blue, and a blue that is endlessly deep that seems to draw you in. Preeminent on the island is Yonaha Maehama Beach, a 7-km stretch of white sand and blue ocean is right beside the Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts. It is so beautiful that it has been called “the finest beach in Asia.” You might find that time stops just by gazing at the different variations of ‘Miyako blue’ from each changing hour and weather pattern.

  • As I was looking out at the sea from the window of my room, before I knew it everything became dyed with the gold of the setting sun. I stood breathless at the beauty and thought excitedly, “Tomorrow I want to play in this gorgeous water, not just marvel at it!”

  • In order to keep the sunset memories from fading, I headed down to Maipama restaurant, where every table features an ocean view.

  • After indulging in a dinner filled with island flavors and a resort flair, I thought I would get to bed early to prepare for a busy schedule the following day, but the carpet of stars in the night sky entranced me and kept me awake later than expected.

  • Nevertheless, the soft sound of the morning tide gently pulled me from my slumber. Miyakojima is surrounded by the outer islands of Ikemajima, Irabujima, and Kurimajima (among others), with each offering a different type of scenery. My itinerary for the day took me snorkeling at Irabujima. I found that the blue from the shore and the blue underwater offer totally different varieties of beauty. The diverse cerulean hues from the complex topography, the fish reflecting the sunlight and sparkling, and the otherworldly vistas once more plunged me into a dreamscape where I lost track of time.

  • In the evening, I set out on a sunset cruise to try to envelope myself in the stunning twilight from the day before. Moment by moment, the setting sun gradually cast its golden glow over my whole body. With the pleasant wind caressing me, I was filled with a feeling of reverence for the nature surrounding Miyakojima.

  • Maybe I should spend the next day visiting Miyakojima’s ‘power spots’ in order to communicate this feeling to the deities animating Miyakojima. Or, maybe it would be nice to take a drive across the three bridges connecting us to outer islands. There was no end in sight for my adventures at this destination.

Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

  • Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

  • Address: 914, Shimojiaza-yonaha, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa
    Tel: 0980-76-2109
    Access: 10- min. drive from Miyako Airport(free hotel shuttle available)