6 Winter Tastes of Kanazawa
Sushi Mitsukawa

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  • Wakana Yanagida
  • Ken Nakayama
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Finding Kanazawa’s elegance in the delicate craftsmanship of beauty

  • Tourists visit “Higashi Chaya District” incessantly in search of the townscape with latticed bay windows, typical of Kanazawa. However, it suddenly becomes quiet once you enter the alley from the main street.
  • The “Sushi Mitsukawa Kanazawa Main Restaurant” which is awarded one star by Michelin, is also quietly located at the corner of a narrow and winding street. It was opened by the owner Koji Mitsukawa in 2005, and now the first apprentice Takashi Ikuta manages it.
  • Ikuta says, “The essence of Mitsukawa’s sushi is ‘delicacy’. I want to express it with my nigiri.” For example, a nigiri with shredded shiso leaves with thinly sliced squid. You will be surprised by the sticky and sweet squid.
  • The typical winter dish in Kanazawa is “Kobako crabs”, female snow crabs. The winter specialty of Mitsukawa is gorgeous chirashi-zushi with crab meat, sea urchin and salmon roe on vinegared rice mixed with the ovaries and eggs of snow crabs. It is a special dish that you can enjoy only for 2 months when the fishing is open.

  • The restaurant, which is about 8 tatami mats in size, is made of carefully selected materials such as the Tono cypress counter, the wickerwork ceiling made of Japanese paper, and the Kannonshita stone floorstones. The space itself is like a piece of craft.
  • Ohiyaki, the traditional craft of Kanazawa, and the drinking sets of the local craftsmen bring out the owner’s aesthetic sense. They showcase the personality of Kanazawa along with the winter ingredients.

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