Savor the Mediterranean cuisine while feeling the sea, sun, and the earth with your whole body

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  • Kaori Kuwazawa
  • Takao Ohta
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  • In October 2019, a new landmark was born in Izukogen: a mediterranean restaurant “MIKUNI IZUKOGEN”. The producer is Kiyomi Mikuni, the owner chef of “HÔTEL DE MIKUNI”, and the architect is Kengo Kuma, who is well known for designing the New National Stadium building.
  • The building, which blends in with the surrounding nature, has a light and beautiful structure made of thin trees like branches. It is made of Alaska cedar, a precious tree that is hard to find in Japan.
  • When you enter the restaurant, you can smell the gentle scent of Alaska cedar. Light shines into the restaurant from the wooden framework on the ceiling like sunlight through the trees. Trees are reflected in the window glass, and the sea shines under the sunlight.
  • The chefs in the open kitchen create dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients that are distinct to Izu, such as fresh seafood, vegetables, and olives. The main dish of the lunch course “The Glow of the Sea”, “Sagami Bay Fresh Fish Poêlé” is a boneless fresh fish with stuffing and rolled with bacon. The green color of the large wasabi greens on top of the fresh fish is vivid. The fish is plump and it goes well with a simple Mediterranean style sauce made with olive oil and garlic. The deliciousness loosens your cheeks and makes the conversation lively.
  • It is a restaurant where you will want to come to experience the space and taste that makes use of the nature of Izu.