The table with a Great view in Osaka

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  • Akiko Uwatoko
  • Tomoaki Sukezane
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Enjoy the synergy of light and color with a superb drink

  • Turning the edges of the mountain red, the sinking sun creates a large, pale purple and ultramarine gradation in the sky. Magic hour, a synergy of light and color, lasts only for a few minutes a day. You can get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy a blissful moment with a superb drink at the Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu’s “BAR & LOUNGE MIDO”.
  • The hotel is located along Midosuji Boulevard, Osaka’s main street, and is integrated with the temple gate of the Shinshu Otani Nanba Betsuin Temple, known as “Minami-mido”. The bar on the 16th floor has no doors and is loosely connected to the lobby, and you can overlook the commercial city from the floor-to-ceiling window facing west.
  • Based on the concept of “Osaka Kaleidoscope”, the bar has decorations that are unique to Osaka. For example, the water basin with objects resembling bridges symbolizes the water capital Osaka, which is said to have “Eight hundred eight bridges” (It is known for its many bridges). The flow of water from the sphere to the funnel is reminiscent of a river flowing into Osaka Bay, and water drops falling with a clear sound create beautiful ripples on the water basin.

  • A pendant light with a Tenma Kiriko glass shade illuminates the sofa seat located a little away from the window. In the Meiji era, Osaka was one of the biggest glass production areas along with Edo and Nagasaki, and this glass that passes on the tradition and skills of Osaka is characterized by round cutting with a U-shaped blade. Like a kaleidoscope, the light shines through the edge dyed in deep blue.
  • When the bartender Masahide Saimei pours whisky into a Tenma Kiriko glass, a delicate pattern is reflected on the amber liquid with diamond-cut ice, and the light shines. All the glasses in the bar are casually cut, and you can enjoy the fantastic sparkle with your favorite drink.
  • In addition to the excellent Japanese whisky, you can enjoy high-quality scotch, bourbon, wine, and cocktails from all over the world in this bar. If you are looking for Osaka style, we recommend you the Naniwa local sake brewed by Kotobuki Shuzo, a sake brewery established at the end of the Edo period, and the craft beer made just for this hotel by Dotonbori Beer Brewery. It is said that the reason why the display shelves with sake bottles are gold is because it was the favorite color of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is still affectionately called “Taikosan” by the Osakans.
  • Before long, the magic hour is over and the city under your eyes shines brightly in contrast to the dark sky.
  • The window lights of the buildings, the primary colors of the neon, and the red taillights of cars on the highway... Reflecting the glittering lights, the basin shines like a sky filled with stars. In a place where jazz music flows quietly, the view is just as beautiful as a kaleidoscope. Another bar is born in Osaka where you would want to visit many times.