A luxurious breakfast buffet that feeds your body and spirit

  • Sai Santo

  • A little more than 10 minutes from Shibuya, Futakotamagawa blends urban convenience with lush nature. This region is drawing a great deal of attention right now for its ease of living. The area near the train station is popular with families thanks to its large shopping centers and modern apartment buildings. There, Futakotamagawa Excel Hotel Tokyu is dedicated to serving healthy food of the global level. Just like sophisticated cities such as New York and Los Angeles, hotel guests can enjoy the unique luxury of fueling for the day with a carefully considered breakfast.
  • The ingredients are sourced near Tokyo, with a focus on the finest vegetables. In addition to classic vegetables, the salads feature quinoa, cauliflower, kale, barley, and other superfoods, so they’re particularly popular with health-conscious guests and vegetarians. The sandwiches, made from tortillas and rustic bread, are prepared before your eyes with your chosen fillings.
  • The lineup of dishes is thoroughly designed for mental and physical wellness that goes beyond simple hospitality. It features an astoundingly wide range of Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), including root vegetables simmered in a kelp broth. The chef prepares dishes with consideration for the season and weather, and they are served in small amounts so you can enjoy tastes of many different foods.
  • Another major draw is the rice itself—in addition to selecting the finest rice, it is prepared in an electric cooker chosen for the most memorable, delicious flavor possible. The hotel’s rice has an ideal fragrance and texture thanks to the Kamadosan Denki, a ceramic rice cooker for soft rice with a beautiful luster. It was jointly developed over four years by Nagatanien, an Iga ware potter, and siroca, a home appliance manufacturer. Each grain of rice is distinct, and your mouth is filled with a sweet flavor as you chew. Count yourself especially lucky if you discover a bit of fragrant brown rice from the bottom of the pot!
  • People in the know also love the fantastic views from The 30th Dining Bar on the hotel’s 30th floor, where the breakfast buffet is located. The Tama River sparkles below your eyes, and you can even see Mount Fuji in the distance on clear winter or spring days. This gorgeous scenery will feed your spirit and melt your exhaustion away.