Nestled in Abundant Greenery and Water

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  • Yuta Mukaiyama
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Conveniently Located Near Shibuya

  • Shibuya is a metropolitan area where high-rises line up and crowds surge day and night.
  • Take a train from there for about 10 minutes and you’re at Futako-Tamagawa Station. Futako-Tamagawa is a town along the banks of Tama River; around its station are Futako-Tamagawa Rise, a stylish commercial facility complex, and Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C, a long-established department store. There are many gourmet and fashion establishments, not unequal to those of Shibuya. Despite the proximity, this is another world from Shibuya, especially when you move a bit away from the station area and enter a place rich in unspoiled nature along Tama River.
  • Futako-Tamagawa developed as a resort area to enjoy Tama River and nature, but with the birth of Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C in 1969, it became a commercial area where many go shopping. With redevelopment of the station’s east side begun in the 1980s, and first-phase construction completed in 2011, a new town was born: FutakoTamagawa Rise. Since then, it has evolved into a residential-and-work-integrated town where people work in comfortable offices and live surrounded by greenery.
  • Savor lunch and tea in Futako Tamagawa Rise courtyard.

Excel Hotel Born in Futako-Tamagawa

  • Second-phase construction was completed in 2015, and Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center, Cinema Complex, and high-rise office buildings made a grand opening. FutakoTamagawa Rise Shopping Center has more than 200 shops, as well as clinics, banks, post office, and other facilities essential to living. The headquarters of Rakuten, a major IT company, moved into one of the high-rise office buildings. On the 28th to 30th floors of the same building, Futakotamagawa Excel Hotel Tokyu was born as the eighth Excel Hotel in Japan.
  • Take a break from shopping and sightseeing and look out your hotel window. Watching the flow of magnificent Tama River and its green environs will soothe your spirit and refresh your body. Step onto the terrace and be welcomed by the sound of birdsong, calm breezes on your face, and, on a clear day, the sight of Mt. Fuji. Sit back, stretch out, and let tensions melt away in the hot spring or relax in the large bath on the 29th floor.
  • Hotel suite with sunlight streaming in.
  • Those enjoying both urban hubbub and calm nature will find Futakotamagawa Excel Hotel Tokyu fulfills their luxurious twofold wish. You might spend your day as follows: early morning walk or jog along the riverbank and return to your room for fresh coffee or more as you take in the sights and sounds of nature; head out for a day of business or sightseeing; then, head back to the hotel when sunset colors the river its own shade of red, and possibly have a quiet draft beer at the bar on the 30th floor. Or sit down to a fine gourmet dinner at a casual French restaurant while watching the night view of distant Yokohama. This is but one of many ways to enjoy a relaxing time here.

  • Terrace offers comfort with bright light and pleasant breezes.

Shopping, Gourmet Food, and Art

  • To check out what’s just beyond Fuako-Tamagawa, Shibuya is a good choice, but then there’s also Jiyugaoka. Just nine minutes from Futako-Tamagawa Station (Tokyu Oimachi Line), Jiyugaoka Station offers bustling and fashionable shops the moment you leave the station.
  • Here you’ll have fun shopping or window-shopping trendy fashion, savor popular gourmet food, and just about anything to suit your mood in this town that can be enjoyed all day simply by taking a walk.

  • To exercise your taste in matters other than clothing and gourmet dining, turn your attention to The Gotoh Museum. Here are galleries with excellent works of traditional and modern Japanese as well as Asian art collected by the late Keita Gotoh, former Tokyu Corporation chairman. Stroll the Japanese garden in addition to viewing the art to round out a long and leisurely time with art and nature. Head to the museum by train, but you might try returning via the Japanese garden path and take the exit to get to the hotel in about 10 minutes.
  • Enjoy beautiful stone pagoda and sculptures in the Gotoh Museum garden.

  • After such immersion in vivid palettes, easing out onto your hotel terrace for cocktail time at sunset is another way to complete your appreciation of art in nature and nature in art.
  • Bright red sunset reflects on Tama River surface.
  • Evening view of Tama River from the hotel restaurant.