What makes FUKUOKA city cool in the World?
Fukuoka: a ‘seamless’ town in every way

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  • Hirokazu Katsura
  • Ken Hidaka
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  • Kazuhisa Inoue, CEO, Good Luck 3 Inc.
  • With its own office in Tenjin, Chuo Ward, right in the middle of Fukuoka City, Good Luck 3 Inc. develops original content such as ‘Crypt-Oinks’ and ‘RAKUN’ using blockchain technology. President Kazuhisa Inoue was born in Fukuoka.
  • After graduating from high school, he went to university in Tokyo and stayed on, finding work with a business incubator.After that he came back to Fukuoka and started up a business. Why are business managers attracted to Fukuoka? Inoue analyzes the question like this.
  • “Everything in Fukuoka is seamlessly connected. This enriches your working and private life.”
  • Inoue gives an example of his lifestyle since starting his company.
  • “In the morning I arrive at work after a 5-minute walk from home, and when I’ve finished work, I walk 5 minutes to the gym. After finishing my workout I’m home within 5 minutes, have a shower and then go out for a drink, another 5 minute walk away. Fukuoka is a city where you can naturally adopt this flow without really being conscious of switching on and off.”
  • Inoue believes that people in management positions should be strong in mind and body. In Fukuoka he trains his body by going to kick-boxing once a week. This is a lifestyle made possible precisely because Fukuoka is a compact city.

    As for the outlook for the future, Inoue has this to say.
  • “Fukuoka City is vibrant, but it feels like the only place in Fukuoka Prefecture that is. Kurume City where I went to high school is a bit lifeless. Looking at Fukuoka Prefecture as a whole, I would like to work on support for startups and revitalization using our company’s technology.”



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