From KOBE MOTOMACHI, to the West and to the South

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  • Mirei Sakaki
  • Mirei Sakaki
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  • Mirei Sakaki, a photographer, captures the essence of Kobe's Motomachi. Her journey starts in the early morning, exploring the quiet streets of Nankinmachi. The beauty of the wet asphalt and the high oxygen levels in the humid air leave a lasting impression. She feels a sense of a story from each building as she walks through Motomachi, imagining Sting's "Englishman in New York" as a fitting soundtrack. After admiring the arch-shaped corridors of the Daimaru Kobe store, she strolls through Meriken Park. Later, she enjoys afternoon tea at TOOTH TOOTH, a grand maison in Kobe's cuisine scene, appreciating the classical colonial style of Kobe's oldest foreign-style building.

  • Nankinmachi
  • Daimaru Kobe store
  • Meriken Park
  • TOOTH TOOTH maison 15th

  • As dusk approaches, she finds herself at the Kobe Brick Warehouse in Harborland, captivated by the interplay of natural and artificial lights. The red brick warehouses, dating back to the late 19th century, stand out.

  • Kobe Brick Warehouse
  • Kobe Brick Warehouse
  • Kobe Ohashi

  • Finally, she returns to her hotel, planning to explore more of Motomachi the next day. In preparation, she searches the hotel's music library for another song that captures the spirit of Motomachi.

  • Photo of the library in the lobby of KOBE MOTOMACHI TOKYU REI HOTEL