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  • Shinobu Nakai,Mayumi Yamamoto
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Kobe Waterfront Area

  • There are so many places to visit in the coastal area of Kobe such as Meriken Park and Port Island. “Kobe Waterfront Art Project” was launched in this area in 2022, which seeks to merge the world of art into the city. Since many events are being held during the period, the area is bustled with many people. You can enjoy the brilliant night view where the Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum are beautifully lit up with projection mapping accompanied by wonderful music.

Slopes in Onomichi

  • Onomichi is located in Hiroshima prefecture and facing Seto Inland sea. The city is also famous for having many attractive slopes. You can enjoy a beautiful view like scenes in movies when you look at the panorama of the city that stretches along the Onomichi Suido sea channel and has lots of slopes running up the hillside from the downtown on the coast. Among others, the evening view from the observation tower of Jodoji Temple is incredible. the Temple is said to have been established by Prince Shotoku in 616. It is a must-visit place in Onomichi. Since there are many cats living peacefully on narrower slope lanes, you will find great comfort there.


  • Tomonoura is an old port town in Fukuyama city in Hiroshima prefecture. Situated at the end of Numakuma Peninsula, the town has thrived since ancient times as it has a good port where ships could dock while waiting for a favorable tide or wind. Tomonoura appeared in the “Manyoshu”, which is Japan’s oldest anthology of poems. In the Edo period, not only Kitamaebune (merchant ships that traveled between Hokkaido and Osaka) called at the port regularly but also ships of Chosen Tsushinshi (Korean Embassies) were said to do so repeatedly. How about enjoying a stroll around the historical sites and townscape reminding us of the Edo period, such as Ioji Temple and Nunakuma Shrine? Then immersing yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of the port town while having a meal in a restaurant on the coast?

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

  • This area is famous for its traditional, elegant atmosphere created by the old architecture such as Kurayashiki (warehouse-residence) with white walls and Namako Kabe (wall made of square tiles), which are representative of Kurashiki city. On the other hand, there are more recent sites, including Kurashiki Denim Street, which is the birthplace of made-in-Japan jeans, and many modern, renovated Machiya cafés. You can enjoy both old and new townscapes here. In the evening, it is highly recommended to go for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere lighting produced by Ms. Mikiko Ishii, lighting designer.