Parfait Tour in Okayama City, Fruit Kingdom

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  • Shinobu Nakai,Mayumi Yamamoto
  • Yukiyo Daido
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  • Since Okayama prefecture is a leading producing area of various fruits, it is very famous as a Fruit Kingdom across Japan. Okayama city is known as “Fruit Parfait Town Okayama.” In the city, you can enjoy highest-quality, fresh seasonal fruits such as pear, Shine Muscat grape, and peach locally produced.
  • “Perfetto” is a restaurant specialized in parfaits and offers distinctive parfait items with plenty of chunky, seasonal fruit and other ingredients. The restaurant enjoys a reputation that “Their parfaits are not only delicious but also designed beautifully.” There are seasonal items every year that use a lot of fruit and look like art pieces. “Tarte-style Parfait with Shine Muscat” features wonderfully sweet and crisp Shine Muscat produced in Okayama prefecture and directly delivered from a fresh market. In combination with yogurt mousse containing several tasty ingredients such as Nata De Coco, the parfait allows you to fully enjoy various flavors and textures in one dish.

  • “Kannonyama Fruit Parlour” opened in July 2021 in hope of fully utilizing fruit produced by local farmers so that everyone can enjoy the delicious flavors. Their parfaits using fruits produced in Okayama prefecture such as peach and branded strawberries are so tasty that many fans take the trouble to go to the restaurant from all over Japan. “Atago Pear Parfait” was created in the image of a flower bouquet and boasts the crisp texture of sliced pear. As you proceed with eating the parfait, you can also enjoy various tasty ingredients like a Hojicha tea & soy milk pudding and a pistachio ice cream that appear one after another.

Kannonyama Fruit Parlour

  • “The Coffee Parlour Kissashitsu” is operated by “Kinoshita Shoten,” which is located in Setouchi city and famous for its specialty offerings. “Hime Lemon Parfait,” their specialty for November – March each year, features Hime Lemon aka Rangpur Lime, which is smaller than regular ones and has a unique flavor like Sansho (Japanese pepper). Hime Lemon is used as a granité (grained sherbet) and lemon curd and combined with other ingredients including white wine jelly. This parfait is preferred by adults and goes extremely well with Ethiopian coffee.
  • When you visit Okayama city, please make sure to indulge yourself in these delicious parfaits.

The Coffee Parlour Kissashitsu