Hottest local gourmet with ties to the area’s history and culture

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  • One of the final stops on the Samurai Route is the ancient city of Kanazawa. This well-known former castle town continues to charm visitors with its historical, traditional streetscapes filled with beauty and feeling. Above of all else, the city’s most “Kanazawa-like” feature is the old-fashioned merchant houses. With their bright red ochre colored lattices, high ceilings, heavy posts and beams and plaster walls, the buildings are overflowing with the passion of the initial craftsmen and skills passed down for generations.
  • Today, these old-fashioned buildings have been given new life and are being used in a variety of ways, including as home to the French pastry shop Patisserie L’aube Kakyoan. After renovating a 160 year old restaurant building with red ochre colored lattices, the pastry shop opened in April 2022. The owner and patisserie Shoko Hirase, who trained in France, carries on the traditional French flavors while creating arrangements unique to Kanazawa. Another example is the Taiwanese restaurant Shi Zhi Tang Kanazawa. An old office of the long-established oil wholesaler Moricyu founded during the Edo Period was transformed into a hub for Taiwanese dietary culture. The spatial magic of restaurant owner Miki Tsukamoto creates an “extraordinary experience” within ordinary daily life.
  • Both restaurants blend in well with the long-established merchant houses that line the streets of Owari-cho.
  • The concept of updating old buildings to match the current era while maintaining the old-fashioned streetscape is something that is shared in common with both Taiwan and France. Through further progress in “tradition x innovation”, a new history is being written.

Patisserie L’aube Kakyoan

  • It is located within walking distance from the tourist spots Omicho Market and Higashi Chaya District.The highly skilled patisserie Shoko Hirase has won the Best Patisserie award from the Gault et Millau world gourmet guidebook. The elegant, sophisticated sweets are based on traditional French pastries and incorporate ngredients and motifs unique to Kanazawa. The sweets that incorporate the Kaga Domain crest and kintsugi motif have a very playful feel. With ties to local producers and creators, the patisserie continues to create a new sweets scene in Kanazawa.

Patisserie L’aube Kakyoan

Si Zhi Tang kanazawa

  • The old oil wholesaler Moricyu, billboard is a landmark for finding this restaurant, which provides the feel of daily life in Taiwan through the food. The front of the restaurant is based on an image of a Taiwanese street vendor, and the menu includes soy milk soup, minced pork rice, pepper buns, Taiwanese porridge and tofu pudding, making it possible to enjoy Taiwanese cuisine from breakfast. The restaurant located further within offers set lunches and course dinners. The main menu during lunchtime is beef noodles and chicken rice. At dinner, the meals are served in courses that include Taiwanese appetizers and rice dumplings.

Si Zhi Tang kanazawa

Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel

  • The hotel has a feel reminiscent of the samurai culture in Kanazawa, including the front lobby walls decorated with gold leaf and kutani-yaki mug cups furnished in the guestrooms. With its elegant modern Japanese atmosphere, guests can experience traditional Kanazawa during their stay. The hotel restaurant Marais D’or serves food that makes ample use of ingredients from the land and sea in Ishikawa.



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