Sake brewed with water from the Tateyama Mountains penetrates deep and warms the body

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  • Reiko Furuya
  • Makoto Nakamori
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  • Toyama Prefecture is surrounded by mountains as high as 2000 meters, including the perennially snow-covered Tateyama Mountains. This unique geological feature results in abundant, high quality water. Places with excellent water are also home to good tasting sake. Recently, more new, innovative sakes have appeared on the market.
  • IWA 5, one-of-a-kind sake is created by Richard Geoffroy, who charted a course for the legendary Dom Pérignon Champagne for 28 years as the fifth chef de cave. Its unparalleled complexity, balance and harmony is achieved by Geoffroy’s masterful Assemblage technique, the art form of blending which is typically used for making wine and champagne.
  • Kisaki incorporates an original storage and aging process at the bottom of a 1000 meter mine with a temperature of 15°C, which is said to be ideal for aging sake. In addition, the same mine is also home to the Super-Kamiokande neutrino observatory, and the story as a sake with ties to cutting edge technology will further expand the sake’s appeal overseas.
  • The Haneya brand sake is brewed by Fumigiku Shuzou that has been brewing sake for over 100 years. All of the sake is brewed using the same painstaking processes used for daiginjo sake. With its focus on local spring water and brewing rice, the sake has excellent terroir and has been well-received both in Japan and overseas.
  • Toyama sake continues to pursue the endless possibilities and innovation, and it should be enjoyed along with the passion of the breweries.

IWA 5 Shiraiwa

  • IWA is the sake brand of Shiraiwa K.K., established in Shiraiwa, Tateyama in 2019 by the champagne master Richard Geoffroy. The unique sake is made through unsurpassed Assemblage by Geoffroy, and the high level of skill, expertise and sensitivity shine within this sake. IWA’s complex, well-balanced flavor has an intriguing capacity to pair with a great array of foods from around the world. In addition, different flavors are more pronounced at temperatures ranging from
    0°C–60°C. You can enjoy IWA 5 Assemblage 3,which was released in June 2022.


Kisaki Yoshinotomo Shuzou

  • Founded in 1877, Yoshinotomo Shuzou is involved in every step of the process, from growing and pearling the brewing rice to brewing and selling the sake. The “Kisaki” junmai daiginjo series has introduced a new owner aging system. Under this system, pre-purchased sake is stored and aged in a mine 1000 m below ground in a pitch black natural environment. The sake can be aged up to a maximum of 5 years, and the length can be selected in 1-year increments. This sake should be enjoyed along with the anticipation of it aging.

Yoshinotomo Shuzou

Haneya Sake Fumigiku Shuzou

  • Haneya is the flagship sake brand of Fumigiku Shuzou, which has been brewing sake since 1916. The sake is brewed using spring water from the Tateyama Mountains. Haneya Sparkling won the category’s top Judge’s Choice Award at the Kura Master 2022 sake competition held in France. Despite being a small brewery, Fumigiku Shuzou continues to produce high quality sake through new innovations in ingredient processing, storage conditions, koji making and terroir expression.

Fumigiku Shuzou

Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu

  • Located a 3-minute walk from the JR Toyama Station, the hotel is ideally located for both sightseeing and business. All 210 guestrooms from the 8th through 14th floors are furnished with a simple, modern interior that incorporates design features unique to Toyama. With a panoramic view of the Tateyama Mountains in the east and Kureha Hills in the west, guests will feel the calm of being surrounded by nature.

Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu



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