Shibuya Stream : New Location in Ever-Changing District

Shibuya—Tokyo’s Entertainment Hub
Where young people throng and trends thrive
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  • Yuta Mukaiyama
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  • The area around Shibuya Station is packed with entertainment options.
  • There are countless restaurants, shops, theaters, and nightlife lo-cations to choose from. Shibuya is where many of the latest trends are born. Opened in September 2018, Shibuya Stream is an ultra-modern, multipurpose high-rise complex that towers kitty-corner to Shibuya Hikarie. The upper section of the building’s facade is a random mosaic of vertical rectangular white panels and windows, making it resemble a gigantic sculpture. Greenery on the lower part of the facade creates a view that includes natural elements.
  • The name of “stream” derives from Shibuya River. A promenade along the river bank runs along the building and has an open area with benches for relaxing and talking at ease. Terrace restaurant seating along the promenade invites you to savor lunch below blue skies or dinner under the stars. Other features include fashionable out-door cafes, bars, and izakaya. And when the sun goes down, sparkling illumination lights the staircase for a brilliant effect.
  • Shibuya Stream’s first to third floors offer shops and restaurants to one and all. The sixth floor, Main Hall, has room for a standing audience of around 700, which will work well with the plan to hold live shows and con-certs here.
  • The fourth and ninth to thirteenth floors are home to the Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu. The lounge in the fourth-floor lobby has a cohesive, contemporary design with a combination of subtle color scheme, wood, brickwork, iron, and exposed ducts made into unique decorative elements. Relax amid wall shelves with record sand books from various countries as though you were at home in your own living room.

  • Fourth-floor lobby of Shibuya StreamExcel Hotel Tokyu has a contemporary design.
  • Flanking the lounge are the TorqueSpice & Herb, Table & Court cafe, and the Torrent dining bar. On one of the walls of Torque is a huge artwork by graphic artist Chalk boy and his team WHW!. The high-ceiling cafe adjoins a yard with a futsal court and is filled with pleasant sunlight. The walls and entrance interior design also feature hand-customized bicycles—clearly a cafe that feeds you energy just by being there.
  • Brightly illuminated staircase beyond the main entrance of Shibuya Stream.
  • Torrent is a restaurant providing a simple and casual atmosphere.Sit down to a scrumptious lunch or full-course dinner, and at night enjoy events like live music and DJ sets.
  • Contemporary and new, Shibuya Stream is a popular location for fashionable creators.